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Anyone noticed Sri Lanka's overall fielding in WC T20. Its been exceptional. Probably the best amongst the 4 subcontinental teams. Guess who is their fielding coach? A guy called Ruwan Kalpage who was at one point our academy coach, and if i am not mistaken fielding coach for a short while.

My point is sometimes even with the best coaches we wont see improvement, unless and until the players have the intent to learn and improve. I bet none of you would want Kalpage as our fielding coach or Ramanayake (Again) as our bowling coach. But see how disciplined Sri Lanka's pace attack is. Even their all rounders have more skill, variety and consistency than our front line bowlers.

So while i am not praising or supporting SJ and JS, all i am saying sometimes it is very easy to blame coaches and make them scapegoats. But are our guys working hard enough or learning, or are they even interested? A couple of days ago there was an interview of A Team coach Stuart Barnes who also made the same point. Guys have plenty of talent and ability but they just dont seem to be interested to learn and grow-they seem happy with 50's and 60's. They cannot become world class cricketers if they dont have the desire and ambition.
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