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Originally Posted by oronnya
not only media I think many people in BC also thinks that prem kora manei chhele/meye noshto hoye jawa.. Check Shakib's thread- sooo many people has advised him to stay away from girls.. Tamim er gf er shathe meet korte jawatao oneker pochhondo na... But I know soooooooooo many couples who have had their relationships since their childhood and is having a successful career.. prem / biyer shathe career er konoi shomporko nai as long as the person is focused in his job or whatever he does..
lol, I dont know how some people get that being in a relationship has anything to do with your success as a cricketer..We need to change this culture of sticking our nose in other people's business, if tamim has a gf that's his personal choice. What about all the Australian/ South african/ English players.. pretty sure all of them have girlfriends. I will take a bad boy like Shakib who is our best player ahead of 100 such good boys like nafees.
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