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Originally Posted by oronnya
not only media I think many people in BC also thinks that prem kora manei chhele/meye noshto hoye jawa.. Check Shakib's thread- sooo many people has advised him to stay away from girls.. Tamim er gf er shathe meet korte jawatao oneker pochhondo na... But I know soooooooooo many couples who have had their relationships since their childhood and is having a successful career.. prem / biyer shathe career er konoi shomporko nai as long as the person is focused in his job or whatever he does..
Understand your point sis..relationship can impact on both way..improving or degrading this challenging career in national level where your side is crap and players are crap too...(you heard from the super man few days ago)...what is the guarantee that they will be able to put 200% to be world class (which they need) and the partner will accept it. It requires lots of sacrifices and maturity and it comes over time. At present moment with their forms and also if you look at our overall performances in sports, I doubt our players will give 200% to improve our cricket. if we want to stay where they are, then go ahead but please step aside to make room for the ones who will give that. Every single series, i see one after another marriage ceremonies just before the series or after the series. I don't mind it if they can deliver professionally but if they keep on falling behind, it gives me the impression that what on earth has been changing in their lives and (minds!!!) that causes them to do brain fart and lose form. I am sorry to be rude but it seems to be that their mind is somewhere and not 200% to be the best. It's not fault of the partner nor should I give fault to the way our culture is, but I am not just happy with the comments few days ago we read about our players' work ethic and also their hard work and dedications. If they can not handle this being single how they will handle it when family comes in. It's not that easy and i guess they are too young to realize that.
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