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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Can't even hold on to a coach or get him to a sign a contract. Everything about our cricket is going completely wrong, and here some people think losing to Ireland is ok because apparently at a high level we're still on the right track.
Thank-you for understanding. Let me show you guys a process, it might be wrong or misleading but i have to share it. Once a team starts going downhill, its hard to back up so quick. But before we can go back up, we have to stop ourselves from going downhill! What I mean is that we have to push the brakes on all this negativeness and make a stop. We cant expect to get on that track of going up, when we haven't stopped ourselves from going down. So lets have BCB cool down and think for a couple of days and then get into action. Otherwise, without professionalism, we're not gonna get away from the negative route and don't even think about taking the bus that gives you a ride in the positive road.

Much like this one: 9dont mind the number or the writings)

Watch how the line goes up,( which means the little success we got) then it keeps going downhill,(the constant failures and the unprofessionalism)then that thing takes its time and thinks very hard,( which is exactly what bcb must do to be professional) and after that, we'll have constant success, just like the graph shows!
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