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Originally Posted by Gowza
easy to say, but with all this talk about the players not putting in 100% and not giving it their all and not trying to constantly improve, what coach would agree to coach a team when his salary is based on performance if the team aren't putting in enough? i think their should be a base salary, which is reasonable but nothing to crazy, then bonus's can be on offer depending on performance.

no coach will put their salary in the hands of players who don't work hard enough, and tbh who would be comfortable with their salary being dependent on others? is that even fair? if the coach is doing the best they can but the players don't put in the hard work it's not going to be the coach's fault for poor performance so why should he lose out (assuming they're a decent coach).
Well then we got no choice, all coaches making big bucks and our team remaining losers. Atleast make players' salaries based on performance.. they have control over their own performance or not?
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