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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
Well then we got no choice, all coaches making big bucks and our team remaining losers. Atleast make players' salaries based on performance.. they have control over their own performance or not?
i think the same would need to go for the players, it's their job so they need a base salary but like the coach maybe do a bonus thing when it comes to good performance. do they have control over their own performance? yes to a degree, but cricket is cricket, batsmen are always going to face good bowlers you might just bowler a pearler of a delivery in which there was nothing they can do but of course it's a consistency thing, overall players have a say in their performance, they control how hard they work on and off the field so yes they can control their performance for the most part. but no player will ever be able to perform every single time they step onto the field, but it's the players job to makes sure they do perform most of the time, at least more often than not (if not better).
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