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Originally Posted by Gowza
the problem is when a player gets to the national team cricket is a job a profession, you need to be paid something because you need to put food on the table. problem is the culture of cricket in BD isn't professional enough, players don't take it seriously enough or put enough effort into it and that's exactly why we have this problem and why we are discussing solutions for it right here. if the players were more professional and put in the required effort we wouldn't have these issues.

the problem with dropping someone for doing badly is that at current the person who will replace them will likely not put in the effort and therefore will not get the performances. if the system was in good order then players who got dropped would be replaced by performing players and there would be no problem, but that's not how it is.
Well I dont know how its like in BD to have a job cause I never worked there but for people elsewhere you usually get fired or have a low paying job if you are incompetent at doing what you do. We need some serious changes starting from the top (Bcb)
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