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We never hired Pybus, it was more like BCB recruited him. BCB went and said Pybus we want you. If Pybus knows he has the upper than off course he will get the most out of it. That's how they always do things. Remember that whole thing with Lance Klusner. Kamal was obsessed with Klusner for some reason, they didn't even bother looking into any other candidate until Klusner turned down the offer for good. Same thing happened when we got Stuart Law. Law was SL assistant coach at the time and he wanted the head coaching job there instead of BD. So he kept BCB on hold, and off course BCB sat around waiting until finally when SL passed off on Stuart Law. Kamal and his buddies don't know jack about how to deal with people. I think people did a better job managing their Fantasy Team than the way these guys manage our cricket.
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