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Originally Posted by sharup
Ashraful is an over rated player and I don't think he can handle pressure. I am not talking about the pressure on the field but the added pressure of being as good as everyone thinks he is and the pressure of fulfilling expectations. People always had high hopes of him to win matches and perform all the time. I don't think he couldn't mentally handle that. Every time he stepped on the field he had to perform or win matches to satisfy peoples' expectations. You can't have that mental block when you go and bat.

On the other hand, Shakib and Tamim never had that much expectations on them as much as Ash had. Now look at them. When you have nothing to lose you tend to do better. Tamim and Shakib were nothing in comparison to Ash and now look at them both. The only two world class players in BD camp.
I think Ashraful is THE most overrated cricketer ever to come from BD by far. He averages 20 in tests and odi's and gets so much publicity for couple of fluke innings he played years ago.. I know players who average a lot more and have won more matches consistently for other countries but they aren't even talked about. It's just our celebration of mediocrity that Ashraful is regarded as some kind of legend and we got people in Bangladesh claiming "Form is temporary and class is permanent". Ofcourse most of these people can't even spell these words let alone know what they mean.
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