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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Ashraful has a learning disability. Talent my brown butt - he's a street cricketer at best. He needs to see a psychiatrist. In the meantime, please keep him as far away from Bangladesh cricket as possible. He doesn't deserve it.
But he is so unique and definitely posses amazing learning capability of singing, dance and act at the same time in different tv appearances unlike other cricketers who are only either good at one particular area (e.g. Shahadat showed promising career as self claiming Shahrukh of BD cricket, Pilot perfectly used is wicket keeping charisma in drama, Shakib also used in #1 ranking to do add in #1 products across various industries), but Ashraful did all of them all together, so I disagree with Mr. ATMR. I also disagree that he needs to see psychiatrist rather I would recommend him to see a Nantu gotok. Bangladesh cricket can not live without him and he proved it, so you are also wrong about that. And at the end, i still disagree as He deserves the title Sir ahead of anybody else in the team.
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