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Originally Posted by observer
Permit me if i may to clarify a couple of points that have been raised with out laying blame in anyone's court.

Richard Pybus and I have been working together to build a stronger system, to ensure the players in the National squad have players below them creating pressure for spots, which is what every strong national team around the world has. He has at no time ever asked me to coach the national squad. He would like me to run a High Performance program as i did previously when working under Dav.

The original schedule for the NCL had it commencing on October 14 and all players were meant to be training with their NCL teams this week, hence Richard and all other National team staff have either left for their break or are about to leave. International travel and family committments require some planning, so the constantly changing NCL schedule, should not be held against the National team staff. and With the delays in the NCL starting there have been a range of players coming to the Academy this week to train, so i have been managing facilities for them to do this and providing some coaching support if they request assistance.

Contracts always take some negotiation and negotiating is a two way street. Unfortunately the playing obligations dont wait for negotiations, so it is not uncommon for someone to actually start work here before the i's are dotted and t's crossed, it is not ideal, but it happens. Obviously there are some differences of opinion about what was agreed to and what has been presented in the contract, but lets hope they can sort it out, as Richard Pybus is a very committed and professional coach and is serious about making a difference here.

The definition of insanity is to "keep doing the same thing and expect a different result", so some aspects need to change if we want to get different results. Between the two of us we bring enough expertise and experience to understand what needs to change, and hopefully we can gain the support of the powers at be to do this and to lead BD cricket to a brighter future. The team has been ranked 9 or 10 for 10+ years now and unless there are changes, they will stay that way, regardless of who is coaching the team, as history already shows us.

Looking forward to some positive outcomes and getting focussed on improving players.

Thanks Richard for the clarifications. Sometimes lack of communication/information forces the fans to guess and as you know it can get wild. But the good thing is that fans are worried about the team performance and have all the right reasons to get impatient seeing almost no progress at times. We do rate you all the international coaches very high and expect to see positive & visible changes. We are also aware of some of the problems that you face due to the systems and working procedures here. But still we (Fans) are confident that you know the ways to wok around those limitations to bring changes that matter. Thanks a lot for your post once again.

Good to see you here and would request you to be around in critical times, to help us out with information that matters to us. Eagerly waiting to see the HP unit getting under way soon ......
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