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Originally Posted by zahidnyc
one of the worst cricket news for bangladesh cricket , bcz bangladesh never had president like mostofa kamal before , under his presidency atleast we got no corruption in cricket , we have some world class stadium , we are atleast better team than before , he is the only president who stayed in the same hotels as players were and watch them closely adn showed his love about bangladesh cricket , i just hope he reject this offer , and let icc noe just bcz he was from bd doesnt mean they have to change the presidency role and shamed bd lyk that , seriously it will be a big epic fall for bangladesh cricket if he left bd board presidency ,
I disagree with almost everything you said and 100% with the notion. Please list out what he did so great and wouldn't have happened if he wasn't there??

He did office regularly and cricket was played by BD team. Other than that what progress did we make to call him the best (in your language) I would say, he was the most incompetent that we had after getting the test status. Did we make any progress as a team?? Did we have lesser conflict due to undue interference between him and the admins, players, selectors .. Name one ? BPL wasn't his brainchild .. We had to have a league of this nature to compete for the CLT20. It would have happened under anyone there. Point me to an area where he achieved an extra yard due to his policies or influence.... BCB would have probably functioned better without a president like him. That's how I feel...even after giving all the credits for achievements that you can see, unduly to him alone...

Truth is, he had been a perfect roadblock to our development .. Had he not been there, we would have done much better.

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