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Update on UST20.

In my book the success will depend on the league's uniqueness. Starting with the name. If it's a USAPL, then fuzz it, don't even bother. Also I hate the fact how everyone keep saying "Oh US is starting a IPL-style thingi." WTF is a IPL-style thing? IPL invent franchise system? No! While other cricket countries may have to follow the IPL footstep, America doesn't. It's already thousands year ahead when it comes to these things.

And then I read a lot mention on Bollywood on that link. Why? This is Merica. Not India. We have Hollywood. Why do we have to relate to some 4th class crap? Infect, why do we even have to get involved with Hollywood? Once again, stop following IPL's footstep. This is AMERICA.
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