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Originally Posted by Navo
Hi virat how r you.
— Imrulkayes (@rubakayes) September 9, 2012

There are so many questions that arise from this statement. Who is this 'virat'? Common sense dictates, that it must be Virat Kohli, the maverick, record-breaking 23 year old batsman. But why? Why would his 3rd tweet ever be directed to him personally? Even more importantly, where is the connecting '@'? Maybe he is too embarrassed to directly address his batting idol? Or maybe, conversely, he asks 'how he is', just to confirm that Virat Kohli, who has a jaw dropping record against Bangladesh (only rivalled by Ian Bell) is not fit to play against Bangladesh in the WT20? After all, it was tweeted on 9 September 2012. But what incentive would he have to do so, given that he himself wasn't selected for the WT20!?

It could be, on the other hand, something much deeper, an outpouring of angst into the void of cyberspace/the twittersphere about the success that Kohli has had. Maybe that's why he doesn't end the sentence with a question mark but rather an abrupt '.' It is almost as if he had more to say but decided to end his sentence before getting carried away. He may have wanted to ask: "how r you.[.. so good/dashing/consistent/mejaji etc]"

Or maybe virat doesn't refer to Kohli at all...maybe it is a reference to his stomach....what an enigma Kayes is.
Not really surprised, he does not really seem like a intelligent person. Probably never used a computer in his life
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