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Its been 3+ years since Lotus became the President of the BCB and I would say that his tenure hasn't really been out of the ordinary, by any means, for a Bangladesh state-run institution. It has been marked by regular allegations (some substantiated, some not) of corruption, nepotism, inefficiency, mismanagement and lack of refinement and delicacy that has plagued our system forever, while at the same time it has stumbled upon some successes. I think the preparation for the 2011 World Cup is a good illustration of what I mean by stumbled. Two good coaches in the shape of Ian Pont and Julien Fountain were appointed by the BCB to improve the skill sets of our players before the Cup, but rather than resulting in a second round spot for us, their training helped us Banglawash NZ immediately before the Cup! The 58 a.o. against WI (and the subsequent stoning of the WI bus by the 'fans') was the nadir of our tournament but overall the BCB's duties as hosts were to a great extent well-complied with.

The BCB helps organize a half-decent T20 tournament and the players and coaches don't get properly paid; they commendably decide to provide annual contracts to over a 100 domestic players but then the NCL gets postponed (again); and so on and so forth.

If I was giving points for his tenure, I would award some for starting to implement policies that should have been established years ago but he would also lose quite a few points for not being particularly innovative and developing our cricketing system further. So where does that leave him?
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