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Originally Posted by BANFAN
If you think that, any BCB contract has taken place without a kickback ... And if you think He doesn't have his pets to collect that for him... You are detached from BD systems... These don't get published in dailies.. They just happen.. They only get published if some one steals a "Pond" .. so better we don't talk about financial corruption.... What you admitted he must have done, are the corruptions that we are worried about.. Corrupt work ethics and practices..... You can't stop financial corruptions and that doesn't also have a direct bearing on the team' s performance, like the other corruptions.
You may be right. However its easy to accuse, but hard to prove.

I may not be as updated as you reading all those BD newspaper, but in my limited knowledge, I haven't seen any BCB money corruption related news directly accusing him.

I have seen stock exchange related corruption accusing him, but those are non BCB related.
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