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Default Homegrown Coaches

Homegrown coaches are critical for the development and growth of Bangladeshi cricket. Whatever the level-School, Coaching Clinics, Clubs, Franchises, Division, Age Group, A Team, National Team, they play and will play a crucial role in our success. Homegrown coaches have a few plus points over their foreign counterparts- more passion, dedication in developing the game in the country, ability to relate better with players (Since they know the culture, background), they will probably serve a longer period, they will probably be in a better position to scout, spot young talent from around the country. Not saying foreign coaches wont do all this, but locals are more likely to. We have and had some extremely dedicated and passionate foreign coaches

From the time we got our test status our administrators have been talking about grass root level development. We ve hired plenty of foreign coaching talent in this regard, and the positive impact they have had is clear. But there has been no long term plan and strategic thinking. Appointments, succession planning etc have all have been done in an informal ad hoc basis. Sometimes we go through long periods without any specialized coaches.

However now we have plenty of ex cricketers who have reasonable international experience, and have played under world class coaches. Time for us to tap into their experience and knowledge to keep developing our cricket.

Again i would like to point to Sri Lanka as country we can learn from. Sri Lanka is blessed with hundreds of quality home grown coaches working at different levels from school to NT. Graham Ford might be calling the shots with their NT, but the batting, bowling and fielding coaches are all Sri Lankan. Their HP academy, bowling academy, age group teams are all run by very experienced homegrown coaches. Not saying all our coaches should be local. I am thrilled to have Richard McIness as our HP, he has contributed so much for our cricket, and has so much passion in developing BD cricket. But imagine if RM had the support of the best home grown coaches, ex NT players.

Fortunately we have plenty of emerging coaches, as well as experienced ones. Some of them are even working abroad. Time for BCB to make best use of their experience and knowledge. Thought of starting this thread to discuss about our homegrown coaches, ex NT players, their achievements and contributions. If you happen to know about any of them, do share in the following format:

Current Role:
Past Roles:
Major Achievements:
Possible Future Role You Would Like To See Them In, Why:
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