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Originally Posted by observer
Very good discussion and question and certainly something that we should be working towards.

My only advice would be that the best students don't always make the best teachers. It does not mean that a very good student, can't be a good teacher, but history will show across many fields of endeavour including sport, that this is not the case.

Our reliance on someone having to have been an "ex-National" player is limiting our ability to find the best coaches.

Agree with you 100%. But chances are those who worked under you, Dav Whatmore, Jamie Siddons, Alistair De Winter would probably know a lot more and be more familiar with the requirements of modern day international cricket. But like you see there maybe hidden gems. For instance: Wahidul Gani and Md Salahuddin are two veteran coaches who have been credited for the development of many cricketers.
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