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Originally Posted by observer
Very good discussion and question and certainly something that we should be working towards.

My only advice would be that the best students don't always make the best teachers. It does not mean that a very good student, can't be a good teacher, but history will show across many fields of endeavour including sport, that this is not the case.

Our reliance on someone having to have been an "ex-National" player is limiting our ability to find the best coaches.

I agree with you completely on that point...

But I think we need to consider that we are talking about a country, who are exposed to real cricket for about a decade or so. Im sure you will agree that, A coach needs to have a proper understanding of the game, otherwise however good qualities a guy may have to become a brilliant coach, will all be wasted in wrong direction. A proper understanding of the game is very rare outside the ex international players pool of BD. our domestic circuit still fails to teach the right skill & attitude required for the game.

It's not that, even all the ex int players have a proper understanding of the game and will also possess the other equally important qualities to be an effective coach. But I think it will be easy to get a larger number amongst them. But yes, if we can keep all the other doors cautiously open, we might get to pick those rare people as well.

It's a tough task, but these rare non cricketer with a proper understanding, will definitely make the best coaches, because they were genius and as such rare even before they were picked. These are the Coaches with natural abilities to make a huge difference.

But we can't base a system on rarities, rather we make systems on availability.. So, I think targeting the ex int players is a better idea to fill the current vacuum in local coaching jobs, as an immediate solution to our problem.

I also wish that the system remains open for others... But with a fair degree of caution.
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