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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
I think Ashraful is THE most overrated cricketer ever to come from BD by far. He averages 20 in tests and odi's and gets so much publicity for couple of fluke innings he played years ago.. I know players who average a lot more and have won more matches consistently for other countries but they aren't even talked about. It's just our celebration of mediocrity that Ashraful is regarded as some kind of legend and we got people in Bangladesh claiming "Form is temporary and class is permanent". Ofcourse most of these people can't even spell these words let alone know what they mean.
I somewhat agree with you. I am glad the same spot light was not on Shakib and Tamim. Not sure how they would have turned out. Shakib literally came from zero to becoming the national hero and a recognised world class player. Ashraful had potential to be one of the greatest but he hasn't come out of that phase yet. I am not sure if he ever will. I have a feeling even when he retires people will talk about him being talented and having a lot of potential. It will sadly stay that way. I hope I am wrong but I am likely to see that happening.

The other not-so-talented-as-Ash players had points to prove and they did just that. As long as Ash is in the team let him steal everyone's thunder so that the others can progress under his shadow and over take him eventually otherwise they might just go As(h)tray
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