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Originally Posted by sharup
Our players can learn how to bowl doosra easily. Here:

This shows how to pick a Dusra from the off break... From a batsman's POV

Can you really learn to bowl a Dusra by seeing a delivery?? then you could learn a reverse, Yorker everything by watching the footage.... Man, you need to know the physio dynamics of bowling a delivery... Well some people might just be able to learn certain things using their natural abilities. But for any established bowler to tweak his physio dynamics in an uncontrolled environment, might ruin his current abilities... So you don't try to learn a new thing as a pro, in an uncontrolled environment. That's why people employ professional coaches.

A non swimmer can't learn swimming just by watching an Olympic swimmer. He needs assistance of some sort, before he starts even self learning... Every skill is like that. You don't learn skills by watching... By doing .. And for professionals.. You must control the environment of learning.... Otherwise that can be damaging or counter productive.
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