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Originally Posted by BANFAN
Well i dont disagree to that. Self learning by observation is very much possible, but that's ok for amateurs. You really can't claim that you learnt to bowl or play tennis at the pro level. The physio dynamics you taught your muscles by repeated actions aren't good enough to develop you as a pro, so your growth will stop after certain stage, depending on the perfection of those you naturally picked. That's the limitation of learning without the assistance of a pro at an early age. That's also the reason why a lot of talented self taught sports personalities of our country don't progress beyond certain level, even under the best of the coaches. Because you taught yourself the wrong things and its very difficult to undo all those and teach you everything afresh. That takes some doing for anyone.

The word naturally tellented generally means, that he got a good lesson in early age/he luckily picked most of the right things at an early age, during self learning. So he made a natural progression to a class athlete under an expert in a professional environment later. But for that, you need to have the proper knowledge available at every level, that's what we mean when we talk about developing a culture of some sports. So, it becomes easy for the self learners to learn the right things at an early age.

If you look at the countries who are successful with sports without a culture of it, they pick guys at a very early stage to teach... And countries like Pakistan produce natural pacers because they have a culture of it, meaning the knowledge is available at very lower levels, for the self learners.

Thanks. I agree to you completely and that's a more than useful book. Surely, Once you have the dynamics, you need to practice practice and practice to teach your body and brain. More you practice, more natural the skill becomes. Presence of Professionals provide the environment to control these practice sessions, so that the dynamics don't get changed in the process of repeatations.

Repeatative Practice is the difference between Knowledge and Skill... Many of our bowlers have the knowledge how to bowl a reverse, but they haven't acquired the skill through practice....,
have to disagree again because as you'll take my tennis example, pro coaches already thought i was a competition player, and i didn't have any major technique problems. just because someone is self taught doesn't mean there are things that they taught themselves the wrong way. in saying that everyone has things they can work on, even ones taught by good coaches. i'm not saying you can self teach and make it to the pro level with no coaching, though i'm sure it's happened at some stage for rare cases in some sports, but you can self teach and get a really good base and get to a decent level where coaches can take over and take you further.
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