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Originally Posted by Navo
Obviously such manipulation already exists - its called being dropped for not being good enough to play in the first XI! Why should a waterboy get the same match fee as someone who actually took part in the game?
This is where we need a major change in our attitude. A 12/13/14 may not necessarily mean that they are water boys. They are kept in the team of 15for some purpose and conditions suitable for them. They might be useful for a particular pitch, condition, team etc. just because of this attitude, we play favorites with those posts and fav our pets, so basically that exposes our "doinnota" in formulation of strategies.

We Can pick up any 15 of any team in the world where this game is played... At least in the first lass level and see, who is a water boy there... Carrying water for a team member doesn't make anyone a water boy, we aren't talking about our Para/Goly team...
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