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Originally Posted by Rifat
তুমি কেন বোযনা তোমাকে ছাড়া আমরা অশহায়
আমাদের সবটুকু... ভালবাসা তোমায় ঘিরে
আমাদের অপরাধ ছিল যতটুকু তোমার কাছে
তুমি ক্ষমা করে দিও ও আল্লাহ...
গুনাহগার আমরা এই আমরা
rifat finally prem e porche... after rejectinwg 21+ girls.... this is HUGE. we should celebrate....

You do realize rifat, this song is about a cheating guy....regretting his actions after realizing he shouldnt have done it to the only girl that ever loved him... not 21.

here are two guys that did a pretty good job

but in this video meaning is a bit diff. The guy turned gay and he is regretting it now.. he now figures he likes girls.
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