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Originally Posted by Gowza
have to disagree again because as you'll take my tennis example, pro coaches already thought i was a competition player, and i didn't have any major technique problems. just because someone is self taught doesn't mean there are things that they taught themselves the wrong way. in saying that everyone has things they can work on, even ones taught by good coaches. i'm not saying you can self teach and make it to the pro level with no coaching, though i'm sure it's happened at some stage for rare cases in some sports, but you can self teach and get a really good base and get to a decent level where coaches can take over and take you further.
I did say the same things too, I just used your skills as an example considering you didn't aim to turn pro, I didn't mean that to be any less. But to turn a pro, you need to be in an environment where there is a strong culture of it, meaning where knowledge is readily available. Otherwise, it's a rare case that you will get everything in place by chance. That's why natural talents are not even one in 10 millions in our country. By talent I mean guys like Shakib, who can easily be taken/guided/coached to the next level by a professional.

While in a place like Pakistan, you can self teach to become a pace bowler, because they have a culture of it, so the knowledge of pace, swinging, seaming etc are readily available. But self teach doesn't mean by merely watching. Its a combination of observation and sharing knowledge with the guys you play and experienced elder guys of the area, lower level coaches etc etc who has the right knowledge of it, due to stronger culture of that game. They need minimum efforts under the professional coaches, to turn you into high grade professionals. A that's why we see a high percentage of these natural talents/self learners are making it to the next level.

How to develop professional players while you don't have a strong culture of the sports? Take boys at a very younger age and coach them under real professionals, you are bound to have better result. Or wait for 40/50 years,when the generations of players and coaches will slowly spread the knowledge to the next generation in different build that culture in a natural way.

When you self learn in a unfavorable environment, it's not that you learn everything wrong, but even if you get a few things wrong, that's good enough to block your progression to the next level. Like our self learning cricketers, they don't have everything wrong, but everyone has a certain things wrong, which is blocking them to reach to that desired level of professionals. Ex.. AAA..

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