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Originally Posted by 22Yards
Here is a thought, Those some discarded players with the likes of Naeem and Junaid has something to offer in tests. I believe both of them has a better future if groomed specially for tests. These two can be very gritty when it comes to staying at the wicket.

For Nazim and Imrul, I dont see their technique being enough for even ODI's, let alone test. And Raquibul is a forgotten name by this time. He plays ODIs as tests but can't survive long enough in tests.

Nafees is someone I am willing to give a few more chances but I am not hopeful he will bring something new to the plate. Opening may not be his right place and we can't offer him a place in the middle order.

Mushfique MUST up his game in tests because he looks to me the weakling in this test side considering his batting. I am all for Anamul as his track record in 4 days games is impressive. His T20 debut little do justice for the talent he posses.

I am still in between in Mominul's case. We desperately need a top order batsman not just in tests but all the format but should his debut happen right now, is the question.

Lastly, I would really like to see some new spinners. Sohag Gazi, Enamul jnr or arafat sunny and likes. Razzak is too inconsistent and elias sunny is too predictable.
Good and thoughtful post. I agree that both Naeem and Junaid do have something to offer for the longer version. Naeem's fighting 50 against England and his 45 against the WI when were in a free fall is still in my mind. He has the ability to really grind opposition to the ground. If he can start converting his starts in to big scores then he can really be a handy batsman for us in Tests.

I also liked Junaid in Tests in 2010. He got overlooked obviously by Tamim that year but he too made big strides in the longer version. What was very impressive about him was the way he fought against England in their own conditions. It showed he had guts and determination. Unfortunately he got overlooked by Ash and Nafees last year. In my opinion, he should be getting the nod ahead of Ash since he's showed more consistency than Ash. I mean the guy did average in the mid 30's in 2010 in both ODI's and Tests which Ash has failed to do in his career.

Even though SN was very poor in ODI's last year, he had a decent year in Tests with an average of about a 30 and 3 fifties. As he showed last year against Pakistan, once he gets comfortable at the crease, he can make it count. He just has to be more consistent and if he can, he can be a good batsman for us as an opener.

I also agree that Mushy needs to up his game. I don't see him being under pressure as of now since he's our best overall keeper batsman but it's time he starts taking his batting to a next level. He's shown that he can really bat under tough circumstances in Tests but he hasn't converted enough 50's in to 100's. I want to see him doing that more often this year.

And also Razzak as he showed last year against Zimbabwe, should be far away from the Test side, his flat deliveries is effective in the shorter versions but he's not a good option for Tests. Also disagree with you about Sunny, he did pretty well last year in Tests against WI and Pakistan. That's the type of attacking spinner we need in Tests. We should definitely give Enamul Jr. another look since he's picking up wickets at every level. Since Sohag Gazi is our only true offie that's international standard, we should be looking to develop him further so we can use him for Tests.
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