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Alongside the Donation box, every Masjid should have a suggestion box, so that the people can have a say in what types of topics they would like to be discussed for Friday Khutbahs and if there is anything about the Masjid that bothers them they can write complaints on the suggestion box to the masjid board. Every Masjid board should have an outreach person who can attend to community and individual concerns with regards to improving the image, outlook and activities of the Masjid.

some Khutbah topics that come to my mind:

- How to address problems in the home and solve them the Islamic way
- How to raise Children the Islamic way in a dynamic society where our values are constantly under pressure
- Relationships with friends and family
- The prophetic approach to problem solving in life
- Day of Judgement and how to prepare for it
- Halaal income, its importance and the proper means to attain it alongside with the importance of earning wealth and spending it properly the Islamic way
- The prophetic Character and how to implement it in daily life
- The proper way to deal with non-Muslims whom we interact with on an ongoing daily basis
- the proper etiquette of Business and transactions the Islamic way
- Having fun without falling into sin and utilizing free time
- The prophetic way of Inviting others to Islaam
- The major sins, the consequence of sin in this life and in the afterlife on an individual level and communal level and how to avoid them
- Difference between Culture and Islaam

I may be missing a great deal of topics that are more relevant to our day to day life, but these are just sample thoughts that come to my mind....keep in mind some of these topics i stated kinda overlap...
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