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Originally Posted by betaar
The size of the population does not mean much. It's the % of the population that actually play the game or have access to the facility needed. All these countries you mentioned are financially well off with deeply rooted infra-structure. Bangladesh is nowheere close to them in terms of interested players with access to enough facility to turn them into success even domestically; needless to internationally.
That is entirely my point.. it is LOCAL coaches that can make the difference more in Bangladesh than anywhere, but they haven't.

How has Afghanistan done so well with a war-torn country? How does Ireland do so well, with cricket not their main sport (football, rugby and hurling the three main sports)?

It is not about being under developed as a country that matters, but how well you teach those that DO play.

I can tell you there are MILLIONS of people who play cricket in Bangladesh, and like Pakistan and India, they have difficulties.
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