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Originally Posted by Isnaad
Some interesting and useful things I've learnt in the last year or so by travelling mostly on public transports (Bangladesh):
1. When the conductor says to the driver- "Mama baaye plastic!" it means, baame 'private car'..!
2. Jumping into a running bus= Difficulty lvl. 99.
3. While getting down from the bus, no conductor forgets to say "Baam paa, baam paa!"
4. Even a 'Direct seating service' always has at least 4-5 extra passengers who remain standing.
6. When two buses are racing with each other, Formula 1 racing o fail!
7. Every bus has 1-2 or even more bad eggs who are ready to shout at the conductor 24/7 as if it's part of their daily routine.
8. 1 hit on the door is a signal for the bus to stop. 2 simultaneous hits signals the driver to proceed.
9. It's rather unusual for a bus to have all the windows intact!
10. The seats of a bus are designed for people of 5 feet height or below!
Haha good observation. Ekbar doraiya doraiya bongobazar thika bus dhorsilam. Rastar moddhe garigorar moddhe doradori bhoyanok chilo. Arekdin bhule dan pa diye namsi ar nogod e ustha khaisi.
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