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This news is surprising considering Nafeez's educational background and age, but I'm not shocked finding him as a Bangladeshi at all. There are a lot like this 'Nafeez' arrond in BD, who wont mind doing any agression against USA. Little brainwash pushing with jihaadi theories, they got easily motivated to kill any non-muslims anywhere. Secularists (especially Bangladeshi immigrants over wetern nations) are trying to hide them for long, not to paint us as terrorist nation, but the fact dont change that we aint much indifferent than Pakistan or similar extremists.

I remember when US invade Afganistan, a lot of Jihaadis from all arround the world outburst against US. Lot of them even actively joined Taliban to fight by their side against infidels & zionists. Ironically/Blessfully BD govt was allways keen in hiding these criminals and the fact finding number of how many Bangladeshies went there fight that war in the name of religion kept in hidden.

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