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Originally Posted by maysun
This is absolutely ridiculous and shambolic. After FICA's involvement and pursuit, I thought it would be just a handful of players who were yet to get paid. But, this?

BPL 2 shouldn't be staged until all the screws are tightened by the BCB. First and foremost, BCB should stick to their damn words. October 20 should be the last deadline. If the players aren't paid in full, dissolve the franchise. No mercy, whatsoever. Don't spare them even if it's $1 owed.
You got that 100% correct.

The massive, unseen damage to bangladesh Cricket and the reputation of the BCB grows each day the contracts remain breached.

The BCB/BPL GC risk being seen as toothless and incapable of running a bath.

I am in full support of Bangladesh Cricket and always have been, however, keeping promises, legal obligations and general professional courtesy is a minimum requirement.

If the BPL GC are GENUINE about non-paying franchises, they would scrap them and start again.
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