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Originally Posted by Navo

And many of my friends and classmates involved in many different fields and vocations feel the same way and have started returning. We may not see eye to eye on everything and we definitely don't agree on political issues but we do see hope and potential for the future of the country. As Turbo bhai said, we should not be complacent or satisfied by any means- but we shouldn't be bitter and cynical either.

For instance, people like Banfan bhai and others are often critical of Executive and State actions and sometimes rightly so but does that mean we should stop believing in the work of the State, and the People's Republic it constitutionally embodies, altogether? No, we should seek to strengthen such State organs, branches and bodies by making them more transparent, accountable, efficient, etc. Doing so is not only the duty of an incumbent Government of 5 year terms but is also our active, continuing duty as citizens. .....

We all had a dream ... And you have one's so similar.

When you end up your academic life and wait for a fresh career, 90% of the people are so innocent and have such honest desires, if that desire/innocence could be injected into every citizen, we could become a dream nation overnight.

You had been a student and the politics never touched you. It was a matter of choice even if you were a student in BD. but in professional life, it will become increasingly difficult as you climb up the ladder in your career. You will see, how you are being blocked by politics to remain honest. I mean honesty of purpose. Well, you can probably remain financially honest if you want, in many professions, but on purpose, you rarely can, be it Public, NGO or private sector.

The people who express frustrations, they all have experienced these situations, so they know, how difficult it is to uproot such practices. You are yet to see the depth of it. By the way, have you become a member of Bar council?? Did you decide your political camp?? If not do it fast, or be there as silent weeds, never try to stand for the truth.

I don't like to make it long... It won't finish in a volume... No it's not about one bad guy I came across, it's deeply in the system. Change has to come from the top, bottom can't change a system without a bloody revolution... Or coersion... ... Don't think that there is any shortage of western university degrees at the top. I have only touched one problem area, you will come across many more. I will leave you to learn through your own experience.

Im not saying that, give up your innocence, or don't be positive. If democracy is practiced, it has the strength/mechanism to change things over a long period of time. We even have a faulty democracy in place. Just hope that you live to see that, I'm hoping for the same too. But I just don't see that yet happening. We had much more promising situations for a change, but we lost it.
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