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Originally Posted by WindieFan
Erm i guess you haven't heard of young players developing AND improving right? lets remember Powell scored a ton in England against England Lions, then came back to the caribbean and scored a big ton against India-A AND THEN went and scored another big ton against NZ, so what more could he have done exactly? the fact is you might think NZ are a "weak" team but Gayle barely done better against them than Powell did, which is why he will rightly keep his place and i fully expect him to do well in this tour.

And in closing Barath scored a ton on his debut and then went downhill, while Powell started off bad and is now improving, so comparing them is a little naive imo.
no offense but Powell looks like a terrible player, as bad as most of our batsmen which is not a compliment. Should invest in better players for test matches.
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