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Originally Posted by Ajfar
^ There is a difference between keeping an open mind vs. filling your mind with wild imagination like Barack Obama framed a BD kid to gain more votes in the election poll.
And what exactly is the "difference" Ajfar?

We all know what mantra blah would've said: "Don't be so open minded that your brains fall off" but that doesn't help strengthen the argument in anyone's favor as it's red herring with play on words.

Did Watergate NOT happen? Did Bush NOT lie about WMD? Did Clinton NOT send air raids during his impeachment to divert attention? that I mean a bleeding American that I am... are by no means angels of the world. We have got our hands dirty in many ways...

What the skeptics are saying... and there happens to be more of the open minded neutral share from European countries... instead of bandwagon pandering Americans who would just go on with flow... is that some pieces don't fit. Sure it's not as black and white as Obama trying to get brownie points, but why, tell me why, it's so stigmatized to have a neutral p.o.v other than buying what MAJORITY would buy fed by the bs from media?
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