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Originally Posted by Dilscoop
How am I "judging" them? I'm just wondering how hard is it to pick a nice username? When did I talk about their English speaking ability! WTH? I was just wondering how hard is to come up with a better handle?
Stop getting so emo over every little criticism I make. I'm allowed to make them. If you live in 2012 and can't use these tech properly and on top of that you are a national star, people are bound to "judge" them. Go read Navo's detailed post on Imrul Kayes' first tweet. Talk about judging...
Better handle? I don't see anything wrong with the handles they are using. What's better to you, may not be the same to someone else. What should they do then? Search for another better one?

Who told you that national stars have to be tech savvy to live in 2012? There's a big world out there outside of twitter, facebook, banglacricket and all other cyber space even in 2012. If somebody tries to use twitter for fun, shouldn't mean he/she has to be an expert in it.
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