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Originally Posted by Leafs PWN
There is no direct proof. They screwed him hard.
What more direct proof do you want? a 1000 pages of documents, and they went back to test samples with modern tests and they are positive!

He didn't get screwed, he did the screwing...lying through his teeth for years and years. He was the greatest cheat in sporting history.

This wasn't the nasty Europeans going after Lance, he got taken down by an American watchdog - and the Europeans reluctantly followed suit.

I'm glad to see his sponsors abandoning him, and I hope they all seek the bonus payments back from him - they won't sue him for everything, they don't want the negative media attention, but I want him to lose some of that $125mil personal wealth he's amassed by being the Greatest Cheat of All Time.

People that defend him are like the 9/11 Truthers or the Birthers - nutjobs.
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