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Originally Posted by BrianLara7
I dont know whether to on this or . Average bowlers like Zaheer khan (averaging 30) or Anderson (averaging 30) consider Ashraful a laughing stock and can get him out twice in one over and you are saying legends like Akram and Mcgrath will feast on his weakness... lol.
I was mentioning them as bowlers who had countermeasures against pre-meditated shot of a specific batsman. I mentioned this kind of bowlers because there are many players who are very skilled at local levels but fail on higher level. I see a lot of supporters of Ashraful. I am not conversant with his performance to be honest and availability of guile seam bowlers in local circuits. He commits to his favorite shots and fails to omit it when there is active countermeasure. At all level of sport, there is considerable learning or adjustment on the job.
I mentioned W. Akram and G. McGrath particularly because of their attack strategy though Zaheer is following their path. Anderson is a nice and natural swinger of a ball in non-sub continental pitches e.g. England. The older pair was deceptively quick (??because of their build –tall, height and strong) but for Zaheer you can figure it out when he is bowling fast from his run-up marking.
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