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Originally Posted by Navo
Let's see what results from this:

Govt now mulls alternative
Amendment to Companies Act
Refayet Ullah Mirdha

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That's a sensible approach. None can deny the necessity of some sort of government monitoring/control on wrong doings by the companies.

But to appoint an administrator, you need to have genuine reasons. Financial transactions or practices can always be monitored even from outside the company.

Lets see what comes out from this discussion. If AL did this law sincerely, I would call their law makers extremely poor. How can you judge as a government that this company needs an administrator or not, without the involvement of the judiciary? Although our judiciary is influenced by the government, still that keeps adequate check on malpractices by the government.

Some recent changes of laws by the AL government, like care taker govt, Media Regulation and this a feelings that, they aren't even considering that they may not win the next election. Government and AL looks to be synonymous to them. Or they may think that, they can change laws at will to suit their position; whether in Govt or in Opposition. Not at all healthy for democracy.
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