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Originally Posted by kawsar
Nothing will happen to our team man, grow some balls like real tiger not like a cat....I visited pk and it's safe and normal out one will blow bd players at the end of the day we are Muslims and that's all they care about so they won't kill us, beside they have a lot of respect for us bangalis in pk......I only think they might blow India and England if they no problem you guys are judging the situation according to media hype, go and visit yourself then judge I'm sure your viewpoint will change
The news of bomb blast regularly can be heared from pakistan.
Being muslim gives you no security in pakistan.
Go mister and check the list of the people who killed in pakistan by terrorist.
99% of them muslim.
In pakistan there was bomb blast even in eid day 1 or two year ago.
Regular attack on shia muslim locality and barelvi sunni muslim saint shirens happens.
And don't talk about muslim brotherhood of pakistanis for us.

When in 1971 those pakistani army and ruler does not hesitate to kill millions of bengali muslim man,woman,child.
When those pakistani rulers and army does not hesitate to attack on lakhs of bengali muslim woman's dignity.
It is very funny to think the pakistani terrorist group will show any different attitude to our bengali muslim cricketer.
Those terrorist group don't even spare their own muslim population in pakistan for god sake.
And the less you speak about pakistanis respect for bengalies is better.
What pakistani people think for bengalies 1947-71.
The pakistani people always showed their supiority complex over the comperatively dark skinned,not so talled bengali people.
How much pakistani people showed respect for our language,culture.
They even laugh over the fact we eat fish.
Go to any pakistani online forum still majority of pakistani think what their army did on us in 71 is right.
Zaid hamid false propagana over 71 war how much support there.
Go and see how majority of pakistani think low about our bengali language and culture.
The feeling among pakistani that just because we bengali muslim love our bengali language and culture we are less muslim from them is still prominent.
What i say above can you deny it and you say they have respect for us.
Today we may have any non muslim player in our team.
But in future may be Some liton das,soumya sarkar,shvagoto home will also represent our country.
So if you think they don't attack on muslim player so we should go there.
If we go today on this logic.than tommorw we may also have to go pakistan.
May be that time some soumya sarkar,liton das or shuvagato home will also represent in lal-sabuj joursey if fundamentalist attack on them just because they are non muslim by faith.
What you will feel.
For me every player represent my country is equally important.
What ever their religious faith.
So it is a question of principle.
And last thing pakistani may blow over indian or england team you say. Why just because majority of indian and england player may be hindu or chirstian by faith.
If that is true than it is very narrow minded attitude.
I condem it strongly
England,Indian team will also have muslim player.
Just because zaheer khan,irfan pathan,sajid mahmood represent their country.Does it make them less muslim in the eye of pakistani that you say pakistani may blow over their team.
Sportsman represent a country.
They comes with the massage of love,good will,harmony.
They are guest.
They may belong to different religion and race also.
Those people who thinks to attack guest just because of guest's religion and race are not worthy to consider as human.
No country should visit in such case.

I hope government high command will think about security threat of visiting pakistan and hopefully cancel the tour.

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