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Originally Posted by kawsar
Nothing will happen to our team man, grow some balls like real tiger not like a cat....I visited pk and it's safe and normal out one will blow bd players at the end of the day we are Muslims and that's all they care about so they won't kill us, beside they have a lot of respect for us bangalis in pk......I only think they might blow India and England if they no problem you guys are judging the situation according to media hype, go and visit yourself then judge I'm sure your viewpoint will change
That's a breaking news for me..... that's a revealation....!! when did that revolution happen exactly, I mean since when they started caring for Muslims?? Since "52 in EP till last week in Beluchisthan they didn't care about killing Muslims..!! Where did you get that breaking news from??

Looks like you had a guided tour to some Madrasa and flew straight out from there...
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