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Originally Posted by Ian Pont
I think if you accept the job in BD you accept it knowing you have to live in BD - and your family either join you (Jamie) and you make a life, or they don't (Stuart Law, Richard Pybus) and you just get on with it. You cannot accept a role and THEN use family reasons as an excuse.

Whether you agree or not with his reasons, Lance Kluesener refused the bowling role due to family. Mick Newell withdrew for the same reasons as potential Head Coach. Honest and respected decisions.

We have seen Craig McDermott (Aus), Damien Wright (Aus in NZ) leaving key roles due to 'family' reasons or wanting to be back home. Allan Donald even did it to NZ and then Australia to take up SA role. McDermott was even stranger as this was his own country and he had been a player so knew what life was like.

It isn't just BD therefore that has these issues, but I suspect living in Dhaka is viewed as more of a challenge than living in Sydney or Auckland.

Simply put, the BCB will always have to offer higher salaries than some other countries to even get coaches to want to apply.

I enjoyed Dhaka personally (traffic aside) and felt it is possible to build a life there as a foreigner.

You have to assess whether the estimated money spent since Dav Whatmore in 2007 world cup on certain Coaches has been well spent and taken BD cricket forward. The harsh reality of Test rankings points and ODI rankings points might tell the truth.

The answer is to either appoint someone passionate about developing BD as a nation, and build a coaching staff of like-minded support staff like RM, or to appoint a BD coach and give them a chance. At least a local coach cannot use the excuse of being homesick, unable to convince his family or not understanding the politics of a government run board wanting to interfere in the team.
I am talking about making a difference in BD despite all coach issues, not a lot of issues you replied. And if one cannot, the coach should leave, respecting his profession. I am saying, of course its hard for u coaches in BD to implement improvement from your experience having to deal with coach issues and problems/corruption we have, but coaches had made changes here, the names I mentioned.

If a coach cant make changes due to whatever complication/Coach issues they have in BD and with BCB, isnt it a better idea to leave BD and find a better job somewhere else where you can put your improvement strategies straight, for a team? If I were a dignified coach and have respect for my experience, i would go anywhere else in the world and stay where i have the authority I should have and see my ideas working - I dont have to complain about less facilities/complication and still cash in whatever hefty salary BCB or any franchise offer.

For example, as a fan of Bangladesh cricket, I myself dont see if you (yourself) were able to implement any changes in the national side as a bowling coach, whether it was all complications/coach issues you faced with BCB or not. I dont know if you quit or were released, but since you are staying in BD and is working there with Dhaka Gladiator, I hope you are staying because you think you can make some changes on a small scale at least, with Dhaka gladiators, despite all problems in BD or with BCB or franchisees.
And based on what you replied, Yes ofcourse, family reasons or the challenge of living in BD must not be an excuse for leaving a role. Richard Pybus actually mentioned many more reasons with cricinfo on why he chose to end the position.

I actually respect his decision to leave, beside the one excuse of family. He chose to leave because his position was undermined and he didnt have the authority as a national coach he should have. Thats a solid decision to leave, he didnt stay for salary.

And the last 5 paragraphs you mentioned, yea, well said and we are also well aware that we must appoint like minded people who have passion for BD cricket and can work despite coach issues and can make some changes. And thats not something alien to us, we have seen such coaches. Yes we are ranked at the bottom, and we know why so, we got problems. But like u hinted and If I may add -

BD is for coaches who see the potential and passion for cricket in this country, and stay despite all problems/coach issues they have to face with BCB/living in BD and make little changes that they can, dignifying the salary they are getting in the process. Its not an alien concept but proven by few.
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