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Originally Posted by Navo

The thread has become substantially de-railed but it is interesting to see which members make their presumptions and assumptions about Bangladesh from online news clippings and decontexualized, often faulty WB, IMF, etc statistics.

Really, if you think TI's corruption index really reflects the extent of corruption in all of society rather than just a particular segment, then I'm left speechless.
Have you ever lived in Bangladesh? Do you know everytime you want to get something done with the police you have to give bribe? To get admitted in public hospital you have to bribe or you might not get a bed, in university/ college you have to bribe. If you get caught cheating in exam you can give bribe and get away, if you commit a crime then it's very easy to get away if you can pay the price. Ever tried to fight the system? Well then you risk physical harm as well as getting in trouble with the authorities. Freedom of speech? Say what you want as long as you don't offend the rich/ powerful or go against the majority, otherwise consequences will be terrible.Try living in one of the more rural areas and you will see things even more shocking.
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