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San Francisco GIANTS!!!! Ahh! So good! Down 0-3 in LDS, then 1-3 in LCS and BOOM win the World Series. Winning 6 eliminator games in row, and then sweeping a team that swept the damn Yankees! EffYA! BELIEVE.

I always relate the current Giants and the Niners with BD team. From getting overlooked by East Coast biased ESPN and National TVs to stadium floodlight trouble, there are lot of similarities. They are not the most explosive teams, not loaded with superstars, overpaid rednecks, but they get it done, by playing their own brand of Baseball/Football. All those AL teams are HR team, Giants aren't. All those east coast hos are offensive teams, 49ers aren't. Both of these teams are all about defense, and grinding. Tigers couldn't win because they are HR team. They can't play any other way. SFG pitching unit allows the least amount of HRs.

Next time some of these "experts" from Aus/Eng/SA talk about how team should start 3 fast bowlers can stuff it. BD should play 8 SLA if that's what they want to do. SLA is our identity, and that's how it should be.

Only big difference is, SFG believe. They are determined. 2010 and 2012, same story. BD lack that self-belief. They also lack a manager/head coach like Bruce Bochy and Jim harbaugh, who can bring out those self-belief and play their own brand of game.

Buster Posey and Shakib al Hasan.
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