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Been goes it people? BCB

Independent TV just had Papon, Utpol and Faruque on for a panel discussion. Good God Pybus had some unreasonable demands, but more importantly Lotus was so sure of his messiah status he was willing to agree to just about everything, including allowing the debacle we witnessed over the past month.

Think from this point on, we're going to have to demand new coaches and the board hold contract signing ceremonies in front of the media

Papon said, Pybus basically wanted a policy where his leave was completely up to him - so not set dates or quantity. Whenever he or his family felt, he needed to go, he would go. It makes perfect sense, we didn't sign on to such a deal, but only for a second! Because the obvious thing to do would have been to tell him to hit the road....he was taking the piss out of the Board, the Team and the Country as a whole.

What a wanker
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