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Originally Posted by Sohel
The alleged vacation demands, if true, are indeed absurd and unacceptable. That being said, Pybus negotiated the contents of the contract with Dr. K the BCB Prez but was offered something different and that too is unacceptable. Pybus is reputed to be a control freak who wants to be fully accountable in the process, and that's exactly what is needed for our national Team IMO. He actually tried very hard to sort things out. It's the interference from a entire league of ignorant morons that made him quit more than anything else. Of course club organizers would avoid honestly addressing that topic on national television. I just hope Paps makes no promises in the future he won't be able to keep.
I didn't see all this whining from fans/ media when our useless chairman Lotus Kamal was the biggest control freak around. That's the kind of coach we need
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