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Originally Posted by Jadukor
I don't subscribe to the theory of more boundaries = more entertainment
as if somehow if fours and sixes were hit every over from ball one the game would become more exciting. Even if it is the path towards success still we already have a format like that which is the T-20.

The 50 over format doesn't need to be a longer t-20 game... it has it's own value of bringing both Test and T-20 skills into play under one game.

As i have said before, the football administrators are not trying to increase the width of goal posts to get more goals. The value of goals is so precious because of how hard it is for a team to score one.

We need rules that maintain the balance between bat and ball and rewards skill rather than brute force.

These days without the 'Doosra' (which probably wouldn't have been a legal delivery in the 80-90s), spinners are not making any impression in the ODI game. It's because the environment for a spinner is getting increasingly difficult. The ball is now only 25 overs old by the end of 50 overs and soon with the 4 fielder rule they will be swept or reverse swept for a boundary at will.

Its making easier for batsman, our spinner will be beaten badly, which means if we depend on spin, its going to be more difficult for us to win matches, god help us.
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