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Default Cricket and the art of memory: Zeeshan's Article on Cricinfo;s Inbox

Congrats Zeeshan for having your article published on Cricinfo's The Inbox:

Cricket and the art of memory
By Zeeshan Mahmud, USA

Simonides of Ceos was attending a banquet; when he stepped outside, the hall collapsed. However, he was able to identify all the highly disfigured bodies by recalling where each person sat at the banquet. That, it is believed, was the beginning of mnemonics, the art of memory.

To anyone who has been following cricket, numbers conjure and evoke strange feelings, morphing into characters. A 158 suddenly brings Brendon McCullum to mind. Any student of mnemonics would vouch for the fact that memorising large chunks of data can be achieved by etching vivid visuals to each number. It’s a technique that can easily be utilised for purpose of memory pegs. I would probably brainstorm the following template of eidetic imagery if asked what comes to my mind when certain numbers are flashed on screen. (Although there are several gaps and some reveal my support for Bangladesh, I am sure any aficionado could easily fill in the details with their imagination.)

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