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^ I drove that route the night after the storm and had a surreal experience. I was heading towards Verrazano bridge to get out of NYC as fast as I could but ended up taking the Williamsburg bridge exit by mistake. As I got on the bridge I realized I was the only one driving. It felt creepy, cuz I'd never seen Williamsburg bridge this empty. As I hit Delancy, it was pitch dark...none of the traffic lights were working...all of downtown was out of power. So I was looking to take a U turn and get the hell outta there, and then suddenly out of the blue, all these cars started rushing from many different directions, nobody following any traffic rules whatsoever. It was a scary sight. It felt like a bunch of werewolves being unleashed in the city of the underworld. I was almost certain I'd get into an accident and if I did, imagine the odds of any cop showing up in the forseeable future. Luckily though I got away unscathed, but I'll never forget that night's experience in Gotham city.
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