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Originally Posted by roman

Having said that NY is clearing trees out of Central Park, and roads that will be used for Sunday's NYC marathon when I think they should really focus on restoring power, feed those people starving for days, bring public transportation back to normal. Sometimes I just don't get life...
NY is not a small town that you only focus on one thing. It is capable of handling things. Though knee jerk logic dictates that it should be cancelled, but sometimes you have to take a step back and really think about it.

It is unfortunate the decision was made so late. They should have expected this and post poned the date a week later... announced perhaps even before the storm. A lot of people spend a lot of money and they got nothing... this shouldn't have happened.

Even "expert" ppl are stupid. When I was reading news of how sandy would cost upto 10 billion dollars loss leading up to it...even during... i was laughing reading them...ppl really underestimates... then when on tv power compnay was saying elecetricity would be restored in few days, i was also laughing... ppl need to be more realistic and realize it is PEOPLE who are affected by the same storm that is restoring everything.

Having siad all this, i don't think the marathan shouldve been cancelled. this was the "popular" thing to do... it should have been planned better and postponed a week later... and just doesn't make sense to cancel it last minute when decision was made to go on with it even after the storm....

I don't llkke this willy nilly stuff... you make a decison and you stick to it.... it affects many. bloomberg is usually good, i was disappointed this time.
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