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It's sad that this thread has not received more views and posts.

This is what I shared on FB yesterday night:
"The next couple of days mark two of the most seismic events in Bangladesh's history and which, devoid of political partisanship, should be observed with deep reflection and sincere self-assessment.

Tomorrow, 3rd November, was the day in 1975 on which four of our greatest and most conscientious leaders were murdered in cold-blood in Dhaka Central Jail. They were men of vision, our leaders during our War of Liberation, our first cabinet, the rallying force for our freedom fighters and our first representatives to the rest of the world. They embodied the many noble principles and ideals enshrined in our Constitution, that seem so elusive nowadays. Where would we be if these men were still alive today? Would they have recognised the country that we now have? We can but wonder.

Coupled with this, 4th November, 1972 is the day on which the 11-month old Bangladesh gave itself a Constitution; a document that is intended for the consumption and comprehension of every Bangladeshi, but read by very few. Have you ever wondered what fundamental rights you have or what principles guide State policy? Without thoroughly reading and understanding such provisions, it's impossible to protest when such duties, obligations and responsibilities are not upheld. Unlike in other parts of the world, we do not have a Republic Day or any other commemorative event to mark the promulgation of our Constitution; a moment in which we can deliberate and discuss the most fundamental law that governs us. But maybe, on this day, we can individually take the time to learn and think about these issues?"
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